Where to Buy Non-Prescription Pet Medication

Where can we buy over-the-counter pet medication for our dogs and cats? If you needs some non-prescription pet medicine for your dog for a variety of reason such as tapeworms or even something to get rid of the fleas and ticks that pester your pet, then you can certainly get them from a pet pharmacy or even the pet supply store that can be found in your neighborhood.

One of the more common problems especially of dogs are worms, and while this is certainly a problem, you do not need to worry further about paying for the veterinarian fees as pet medication for deworming dogs can be had without any prescription – just go to any pet supply store and surely it can supply you with a reliable dewormer.

However, while there are indeed non-prescription pet drugs, it is still best to go to the veterinarian for advice on how to buy your medicine. He certainly knows the best dewormer or the effective solution to your pet dog’s persistent ticks and fleas. Think twice about asking for any recommendation of medicine from the pet supply store clerk for whatever sickness that your pet might be having. The pet store clerk can not be fully depended upon on this regard unless he himself is a licensed veterinarian.

Over-the-counter pet medicine is generally easier – and cheaper – to obtain than the prescribed ones. Still caution should be exercised; make sure what you get for your pet is the appropriate one for its illness to ensure that you quickly bring it back to good health.