What type of dog bed would be best for your dog?

You want your dog to like his new bed, so you need to take some time to carefully select the right bed for your dog. In addition to the size of your dog, you need to take a careful look at how and where your dog sleeps. This will help you to determine the correct shape and size dog bed for your dog.

Does your dog like to curl up in a ball? Donut or Cuddler dog beds are a great choice for dogs who love to curl up into balls or prefer to lean up against walls or snuggle into your couch or bed. Cuddler dog beds are great for cold weather, as they protect your dog from drafts and insulate his body heat. Most dogs prefer a cozy fit, but a larger size will work for dogs that like to stretch out as well.

Does your dog like to stretch out on his side or back? These types of dogs need a large flat surface and soft fill. We suggest a round, or square pillow style for this dog.

Does your dog have arthritis or a joint ailment? Providing adequate cushion for older joints is essential for the comfort of senior dogs. If incontinence is an issue, you may prefer a waterproof or machine washable dog bed. Heated dog beds are a great aid in the winter as is the Canine Cooler bed for the summer.