Understanding Senior Dogs and Their Diets

As your dog gets a little older and perhaps a little slower in his movements, you will need to adjust his diet so as to maintain peak nutritional values and also provide only enough for his physical needs. A dog who isn’t tearing around all day every day will need smaller amounts, and perhaps divided into two or three smaller meals throughout the day so as to keep his metabolism functioning.

You have a number of choices of diets for your dog, and it would be useful to get some feedback from your veterinary surgery as to what they believe is an optimum nutritional diet.

If you have been feeding ordinary dog food for most of your dog’s life it may be time to make a change, as the composition of much popular dog food may not always suit the dietary requirements of your dog particularly as he gets older and needs a more careful regulation of the minerals, vitamins and proteins he is receiving.

You could think either about the range of diets specifically geared towards the older dog, manufactured by companies such as Hill’s, who produce the Science Diet and Diet Plan, and Royal Canin (formerly Waltham) Prescription Diets, or consider changing completely to a completely natural, wholesome and raw diet which will give your dog what he is genetically programmed to eat – raw food.

To make your decision it’s worth researching the manufacturers of specific diets to check out their ingredients and the reviews from pet owners who have used them. Also check out the information on natural raw diets, and compare the two diet alternatives. It’s a useful time to really learn and understand what is suitable for your particular breed of dog, and what he really needs to stay healthy.

Many people have decided on natural feeding because they feel that canned or kibbled foods have been cooked and contain additives and ingredients that are not suitable for dogs, and they prefer to source good quality animal protein and supplements to give their dogs extra health benefits, improve their overall condition, and slow down the degenerative process of old age. Many also find that changing to a natural raw diet actually can reverse the effects of psychological change, and can also reverse the physical illnesses and conditions dogs have become subject too if they have not received a fully nutritional diet over the years.

This is a very personal choice, but whichever you choose you will feel more reassured that your dog is getting a very high level of good nutrition.