Top Dog Kennel – Let’s See What’s Great on It!

Based on Kelowna, B.C, the top dog kennel was established in the center of Okana Valley. Indeed, this Top Dog Kennel is particularized their task in breeding blue nose American Pit Bull Terriers. Moreover, the kennel also gives different services for those who love. The services are like boarding, placement, and stud services. And the last is, this Top Dog Kennel is famous for giving quality Pit Bull Pups and adults with best temperament.
American Pit Bull Terriers
This breed of dog comes in medium size with very well defined muscles in mature stage. People say that this breed is athletic and powerful but not bulky. They can reach eighty pounds in weight and it has a large dog with a wide jaw. It has a thick neck as well as sturdy legs and body. Moreover, Pit bulls have smooth, glossy coats with short and coarse hair. The color of the breed comes from various black fawn to black and anything in between.
The Top Dog Kennel is particularized in American Pit Bull Terriers in blue coloration. It means that the dog has a special bluish color that you can find also at his nose. Even though the difference between the blue nose and Pit Bulls is only the color, lots of people want to have this unique coloration.
There are also other Pit Bulls with unique characteristics such as the Merle Pit Bull and red Pit Bull. Top Dog Kennels may specialize in blue nose American Pit Bulls but they also have other colors available. The breed has earned a false reputation of being aggressive especially when the owners are the ones encouraging it.
Boarding and Other Services at Top Dog Kennels
Top Dog Kennel has boarding facilities that are exceptional. They offer temperature controlled kennels with runs and even activities that dogs are sure to enjoy. Their boarders have a warm place to sleep on and they are fed dog food from a reputable dog food manufacturer or the boarder may bring his own food if the owner prefers. Grooming services are also available in the Top Dog Kennel establishment as well as walking and outdoor activities.
You will absolutely need to consult with the owners for the most comfortable time of you want stud services or buying a puppy. They will not feed the dogs indiscriminately nor do the place or sell their puppies to the buyers. Top Dog Kennels take care of the pups even after they have been bought. Moreover, they also enable the buyers to apprise them of the pup’s condition in the next months after sales. For more information, please check out links on this dog care solution site.