There are many different types of singles who profess to be “Christians”

datingWhat is the definition of Christian singles, anyway? The Bible shares that there is only one way that each of us can become a Child of God, or what most commonly is called a Christian. Ephesians 2:8-10 is one set of verses that clearly show that it is by faith we accept Christ and not by any one’s works. Those who have accepted Christ, and Christ alone, are adopted into His family.

There are some who “call” themselves Christians or Christian singles that are actually not believers. Many of these Christian singles think that they are saved, but it is like “adopting” a way of life without embracing the commitment of faith that the Bible outlines for all of us. It is never something we deserve because of our parents, our religion, or our works.

As one interacts on “Christian” professional dating service with Christian singles, they need to be wise and realize that not all those active on such a Christian dating service are actually Christians or Christian singles. There are “some” that use Christian elite dating site because they believe that Christians make good mates. This is a dangerous proposition for a vulnerable Christian single adult that hungers to find a mate. Often these “non-believers” can be very attractive and have some wonderful traits. However, the Bible is clear that we are not to connect with unbelievers in love relationships. I refer you to an article that I wrote previously on this subject of Christian singles and unbelievers.

There are two other “types” of Christians or Christian singles that come to mind that I wish to offer some advice:

1. The Christian or Christian single who is really a Christian, but chooses to be guided by the standards of the world.

a. These Christian singles will often use loose interpretation of the Bible to fit into the style of life these Christian singles selfishly desire.

b. My experience has shown that this type of person is an active hunter on the Christian elite dating services. These Christian singles “use” people just as they “use” the Bible to satisfy themselves.

c. While each of us has to wrestle with “fleshly” desires, I encourage you to distance yourself from Christian singles who intentionally and without remorse take this path of self-centeredness.

2. Another type of Christians or Christian singles that trouble me greatly is a believer that knows the Word of God intensely and quotes line and verse to everyone in contact in a selfish effort to control. I receive email after email stating that they are being bombarded by Christian singles “using scripture” to support their approach to relationships. It is not just a suggestion, but also a strong, forceful use of power and manipulation. To these control-freak Christian singles you must see it their way or you are just wrong!

Stand back for a moment when you meet Christian singles as I have described above. Do you really want to place yourself in such a situation? The above examples of Christian singles are hopefully “unequally yoked” to your values and goals as a Believer. I realize that finding and building relationships is often not an easy task. However, to choose to drop God’s standards and go on your own is inviting big trouble.

True Christian singles who humbly walk in the power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ are a very valuable asset to God, to the rest of us believers, and to this world. True Christian singles, please do not loose your way or taint your value by making small choices that can turn into drastic, painful adventures. Hug God in prayer and spirit as you wrestle for the choice things in life.

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