The ‘tail’ of Quinn and Timber Wolf

Here is the adoption story of Quinn, a former escape artist, and Timber Wolf, an abused dog who no longer has to endure being beaten and shot at. What adorable names! Thankfully, both of them found their furrever home with Megan and her husband. Here are Quinn and Timber’s stories:

We’ve adopted two of our four dogs. Quinn was adopted in 2002. We found her on Pet Finder where she was posted through the Husky rescue program. Apparently she was an escape artist and had found herself at Spokane’s shelter (which is a kill shelter) four different times. The first three times her owners picked her up and took her back home but the 4th time must have been their final straw. The shelter kept her twice as long as they normally do because she was such a sweet girl and they couldn’t bear to put her down. Finally after two weeks at the kill shelter she got a spot at the Husky Rescue.

Hubby was working nights and he got home around 2 a.m. He got to sleep for two hours before I woke him up, shoved him in the car, and started driving the five+ hours to Spokane to pick her up. We had our Siberian Husky Kodiak in the car with us and wanted them to meet first. She growled and snapped at him when she first saw him but once we took their leashes off in an enclosed yard they chased each other around happy as clams.

The Husky rescue tested her escape abilities and did confirm that she was an expert…she was able to squeeze through a less than 12 inch gap in a fence (a special test fence). Within two months of being home with us she managed to chew through and dig under part of our wood fence. She was gone for 12 hours before someone called us with her. She’s never escaped since.

Our second rescue was just this last September. My coworker came in one day and told me that her neighbor was abusing his dog. She and her husband witnessed this man beating his dog with a rake and shooting it with a BB gun. They had been woken up to horrible screaming…which was the dog. She called the police but they didn’t do anything except tell them to call the Humane Society.

Apparently it’s a lot harder to get someone out to investigate an abuse case than I thought. It took more than two weeks to get anyone out to their house where the animal people were able to witness the dog interacting with the man. It was obvious to them that the dog was abused and they went to his house and gave him a choice…give up the dog or go to court. He gave up the dog…telling them that it was untrainable, stupid, part wolf, and worthless.

Uh huh. Right. So the very next morning I called the pound and got his number. 30 minutes later I was there and he had already been adopted!!! I was heartbroken (because I’d already fallen in love with him even without seeing him) and asked the person at the counter if the people knew his history. Apparently when the animal folks dropped him off they neglected to mention the ABUSE! Jeez. So once I explained that situation she admitted that she wasn’t comfortable with the couple who adopted him…the woman was very small and this dog had no idea how to walk on a leash. He was VERY powerful. Nor did they have any other dogs and they had no fenced yard. All in all, not a perfect home for this dog.

She called and explained the situation and the couple agreed to pick another dog. And “Rambo” was ours! I had to leave him there for another two days while he got neutered but that Friday I took him home to meet his new siblings.

It’s been an interesting learning experience for him and for us. We learned that forcing him into a crate wouldn’t work. Nor did he need it. At first he slept right at my side of the bed, but now he sleeps on the bed with us, right where we want him. He threw himself to the ground the first time I tried walking him with a leash. Now he still pulls but he knows that a leash is a FUN thing.

He has some possessive issues but we’re working on them. He gets along wonderfully with the other dogs, although our Malamute had some jealousy issues the first couple of months that caused some angst. And he’s started to calm down a lot … I think he knows that he is home.

And his name is not Rambo, what a stupid name! We renamed him Timber Wolf. He knows how to sit and even shake. He has learned how to play ball (though we’re still working on him bringing the ball back and dropping it) and to come when called. He’s a wonderful, sweet, smart boy who we can’t imagine not having in our lives.”
Such beautiful dogs! I had to chuckle at Timber’s expression in his photo, as if to say “there’s no food in my bowl!” I’ve seen that look many times from my Rosie who was also formerly abused and deprived of food – in their minds they can never have enough. I also encourage you to check out Megan’s wonderful pet blog called Home ZooKeeper, covering the challenges and triumphs of being a pet owner, from pet allergies to adoption. Thanks for sending us your adoption stories Megan; there are so many animals suffering in the world and we love to hear about the ones that have happy endings. It’s obvious that Quinn and Timber are dearly loved.