The Cancellation Scheme of Dart Boards by Bullseye Darts

Bullseye Darts offers dart boards and various kinds of other accessories of the game at affordable rates. Moreover, its cancellation scheme of dart boards is very easy to understand and apply.

Here is the full cancellation scheme of orders of dart boards Australia by Bullseye Darts:

  • If a customer wishes to cancel an order just placed through the internet, then this type of cancellation should be within one hour of placing the said order.
  • On the other hand, if a customer wants to cancel an item, which has not been supplied with his or her original shipment, then he or she can do that at any time. In addition, he or she can also request either a refund or a suitable replacement item of the same value.
  • If a customer cancels a product but the product has always been dispatched, then he or she has to pay the exchange fee, as the company will not pay the exchange fee.
  • The company does not offer refunds for cancelled orders for personalized products.
  • The company will refund the price using the same payment method, which the customer used for payment. The refund will be done within 30 days of receivin

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