The advantages of a welding hood

Buying a welding hood is not an easy job especially when the whole market is littered with manufactures who are offering the same. So this article will give you very helpful tips on how you can select the best auto darkening welding helmet from an entire bunch.

The first thing that you should look at is the speed at which the helmet darkens, ideally you should go for one that has a speed of 1/ 20000 seconds. Do not go for a helmet that has a speed lower than this. Try to buy a helmet that has adjustable shades; you will come across helmets that stay stuck at 10. It is best you buy a helmet that shifts from 9 to 13 and you will be just fine.

Buy a helmet that has good sensitivity and delay; these two are very important as they determine the effectiveness of the helmet. Sensitivity lets the helmet darken depending on the amount of light present in the area. The settings can obviously be adjusted as per requirements. The delay settings help you keep the lens dark for as long as you like; this feature protects the eyes from being damaged.

Some advanced model helmets like Elite Miller has sensors built into the helmet to detect any magnetic field and light. This feature is very helpful at all times, helping welding services Sydney professionals with their task. Now before you buy such a helmet make sure that you only purchase one from a reputed manufacturer in this way you can be assured that you are getting good quality for the kind of money that you are paying. In case you a short of money you can then go for standard models that are not bad at all. Jackson Nexgen, Miller Elite and Speed glass are some of the best helmets that are available in the market.

Follow the tips in the article and you shall have trouble in buying a welding helmet and you will also be able to use the helmet properly and be safe while welding.

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