The adoption story of Spunky Doodle

An adorable black and white cat named Spunky Doodle shared her adoption story to us, with a little help from her loving caregivers Karen and Gerard. Here is Spunky’s story of how she got her furrever home:
“I was born in May of 2004 on Saratoga Ave. My mom was a stray. I was in a litter of four and we were all very cute. My mom found a very nice old man named Harry who let us live in his yard. He even had a cat motel on his front porch so we had shelter in bad weather. He put food and water and even some milk out every day for us. The neighborhood kids would come over and hold and pet us. Harry didn’t mind them visiting at all. You can find out all about Harry if you visit
In July of 2004, Harry’s daughter, Karen decided to bring me to her house, but first we stopped at PetSmart and I had to get some shots. I was very brave. I was given an upstairs room at first and could smell another cat in the house that I was very anxious to meet and play with. His name was Moe. I have a very good life with Karen and am happy she took me in. I have lots of toys now, lots of windows to see out but now I am protected and don’t have to fear cars. Moe died but now I have a brother named Manny and we have a blog at with pictures and even videos of us.”

Spunky Doodle

Here’s Spunky from her early days before she came to live with Karen and Gerard. Thanks to Harry’s kind heart and love for cats, Spunky survived and found a wonderful home. I have Karen’s book about her dad Harry and his many cats – if you love animals you’ll love this book.