Some Entertainment at the Engagement Ceremony

weddingThis party is different from the actual marriage party in that this one of those special occasions where both families get acquainted to each other. Sometimes, this may be the only occasion in which both families have an intimate meeting. They may not know too much about each other. Thus, a heartening introduction should be a must.

For this reason, an exciting amusement should be put in place. This should not necessarily come from the couples. It may stem from any member of both families or from any close friend to either of the families. This should be taken as a means to let everyone be acquainted with each other.

The first entertainment may be that involving issues about the lives of both couples. This is often known as the trivia game. Generate some questions relating to the lives of the couple. Interesting questions may include question relating to their engagements, their proposals to each other and how they came to know each other. You could also consider questions linked to issues not related to the above, but which relates to each of the personal lives of either partner prior to their coming together. This will be very entertaining and it will enable others to know themselves more, as well as the couples.

There is a very fashionable way of bringing the introduction to life and this is often made use of at group occasions. A tag should be affixed to the back of every guest. He or she collaborates with the other guests who write something about the person on the tag; this is usually the person represented on that tag.

At the end, every guest will have to join with one another ahead of commenting on what is written about the other on that tag. The message on the tag could be on anything interesting about the person. It should be noted that most of the messages on the tags should be genuine messages. They ought not to be improper messages.

But, when this is one of the first coming together of both families, another entertainment still using cards may be put into play. A card is provided for each person with his or her name at the front and a number at the back. Only the information at the front is known. There is a number at the back and this is kept secret. All those present will mix and converse together as the party gets along. At the close of the party, the cards will be turned and the guests will write the numbers, while making every attempt to match up the name with any person with their numbers. This can be realĀ indian wedding music especially for those who are good with names.

Another interesting thing could be scheming out a plan in which married couples could engage in advising the newly wedded couples. Room should be given for advices from men as well as advises from women. These should normally be advices relating to issues relating their married lives, and not on things involving how to get married.

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