Rescue story – The world according to Izzie

Here is another happy ending tail as told by Izzie. What a cutie he is! The beginning of his story is very similar to that of my cat Jackie, being taken in by a well-meaning person, but still not a good situation for a dog or cat to find themselves in where their needs really aren’t being met. Here is Izzie’s story:

Hi There! Mama tells me that you’re looking for rescue stories. How nice! Here’s mine.

Two years ago, as the story goes, I was kept in a crate by some one who thought she was helping dogs by taking in as many as she could. Her idea of keeping us healthy and safe was to keep us in crates. Somehow the authorities got wind of her and took all of us away. My name was Iseaha, and I was about 8 months old when I got out of there.

Then I went to this other place that calls itself a Rescue Group. There were a lot of dogs there, too. I was kept in crates there too, but was let out more often. They taught me not to go potty in my crate so I could enjoy my crate. But I never learned anything else there. And I was sick there, too. I didn’t get treatment, either. I just had to suffer.

Then in June of 2006, MAMA CAME! She walked right into the fenced yard where I was digging in a huge tub of water. I looked up at her and came to the worker who was there. She picked me up, brought me to where the bench and MAMA were and sat down. After a few minutes, she gave me to MAMA to hold. That was it! MAMA fell in love with me and took me to her home. She also renamed me IZZIE. She said it was obvious I needed a name with an ATTITUDE!

MAMA lived in a small place that had many small places around it and above it. There were even stairs that I was scared to go up and down (she lived down 8 stairs!). She taught me not to be scared of them, though: On the way up she’d hold a treat in front of my nose. That didn’t work on the way down, though. She had to carry me. Until about the third day: She then carried me halfway down then put me down. From there I could see the bottom, and wasn’t afraid to go all the way down anymore.

She realized on day two that I was sick, though. I was pooping all over and all the time; sometimes I couldn’t wait to go outside I had to go so badly. Often there was blood :(. Being this was the weekend, she had to wait to take me to the doctor. But guess what? SHE DID take me to the doctor, who put me on meds to help me stop pooping all the time. She called the rescue group to tell them I was sick and they just brushed it off as a bout of colitis that would clear up when I was back on the same food as before and settled in. Know what? After months of getting sick again any time I was off the meds, and after many vet visits, and after getting tubes stuck down my throat and up my butt (don’t worry, I was asleep during this test!), it turned out I had an intestinal disease called IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disorder). MAMA says it cost her a fortune to get all this work done. (She also says I’m worth it).

We then moved into a house where there’s a YARD. I like the yard. Especially the decorative rock. It’s uncomfortable to walk on in comparison to the grassy part, but I like to eat the rocks. MAMA always seems to catch me though, and digs them out of my mouth.

Now life is good, as long as I stay on my meds. MAMA tried to take me off them since I was on hypoallergenic food, but the poop came back in force. So I’ll always be on the meds. But I feel fine most of the time now, poop like any other dog, and I can get on with my life. Mama also says I’m not socialized as I should have been, whatever that means. She says that’s why I’m scared of big dogs, and of anything I don’t know about. I don’t play much with dogs in real life (since I’m scared of them), so she gave me this blog so I can learn to play with all of the dogs in blogworld! I’ve been at it for over a year and a half now, but just recently found DWB.Hopefully I’ll get to meet more of you. Let me know if you want me to put your blog on my blog, and I’d love to be linked on yours, too! My blog is at

Well, that’s my story (and I’m sticking to it!). I can’t wait to read your stories!


The World According to Izzie is a delightful blog of the happenings in Izzie’s household from his point of view. His antics are captured on film and I really enjoyed reading about his exploits- he always seems to be one up on his mama, something I can totally relate to in my household too. It’s obvious Izzie has found a wonderful home and is truly loved. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, I recommend it highly.