Prescription Pet Meds

Before shelling out big bucks at your vet’s office, you should know that prescription pet meds are available through online sellers also, often at a bargain. All you need is your pet’s prescription and you can comparison shop online for medications and supplies. There are many different companies through which you can purchase everything your dog or cat needs to stay healthy. Commonly prescribed types of medications for pets include flea and tick prevention treatments, heartworm prevention, joint care, gastrointestinal medications and medicines for skin and coat.


When you first go online to search for pet products you may find the selection overwhelming. By sticking with the top sites like Drs. Foster and Smith, 1800PetMeds and Pet Care RX you can rest assured you are not only shopping with a well known company, you are saving money on brand name pet products just like you can get from the veterinarian. For example, 1800-Pet-Meds offers free shipping for orders over $39. They also give discounts for orders of a certain dollar amount, you can save $5 off your $100 order or even more depending on how much you spend.

One thing you should understand is that many of these sites sell the exact same products as your veterinarian does. Look for products that are FDA and EPA approved to ensure safety for your pet. These companies and other legitimate companies like them will not sell you prescription medication for your pet without a valid prescription. This is a safety measure established for the health and safety of your pet. You should know that companies like 1800PetMeds do not sell expired products so you don’t have to worry about freshness issues.

When buying prescription pet meds online, look for coupon codes for the particular store where you are shopping. Coupon codes are entered during the checkout process and can save you money. Sometimes these codes are clearly stated on the vendor’s website, other times you may need to do a search engine query. If you decide to buy from your veterinarian look for printable or mailed coupons from the medicine manufacturer. Your vet may even have coupons or money saving deals available so be sure to ask next time your pet has a checkup.