Pet Meds No Prescription

When it comes to pet meds no prescription, things get tricky. While there are some pet medications you can acquire without a veterinarian’s script it is questionable whether you should or not. One of the most common types of medications that can be found for sale without a prescription is flea and tick prevention products. There are shampoos, flea dips, sprays, powders, collars and even on the spot topical products available at pet stores, supermarkets, discount department stores and websites around the world.


However, not all of these products will work as well as what your vet prescribes to your pet. Most veterinarians carry products like Frontline and Advantage, which are FDA approved for safe use and proven to eliminate and prevent fleas, ticks and larvae. No matter what kind of topical flea medication you choose, it is extremely important to the health and safety of your pet that you choose the proper type of medication and the proper dose. You cannot use cat flea medicine on a dog or dog flea medicine on a cat. Also, choosing the dose that corresponds to the weight of your pet is also very important. Don’t try to guess how much your pet weighs because even if you’re off by a few pounds it could make a difference.

Another popular type of over the counter medicine you may be able to get for your pet are products made for healthy joints. Aging pets often have the same problems as humans do, such as arthritis and difficult mobility. When looking for a joint supplement or other supplement for your dog or cat, read all labels carefully. You may even want to consult your veterinarian before giving any kind of over the counter supplement to your pet.

While obtaining pet meds no prescription is certainly possible, it is not always recommended. For many pet owners, their dog or cat is like a member of the family. Would you try to get prescription medication without a prescription for a member of your family? Probably not, for the obvious reasons. To keep your pet safe and healthy, consult your veterinarian before considering any kind of new medication. If you do decide to go for something over the counter shop at a store you trust and stick to name brands you recognize.