Pet Food: How What’s Good and Bad for Your Dog

Our pet dogs have unique food and nutritional needs, but there are pet owners who are not aware which food is the best for their pets, and which is bad. Some love to prepare dog food not knowing how to do it right. There are even many branded pet food products available in the market that seem wanting of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed by you pet dog.

If there is one important fact that pet owners need to know is that not all food that are edible to us humans can also be eaten by your pet dogs (and even cats). Do remember this – for your dog’s sake. For example, most types of chocolates are bad for our pet dogs – they can even be deadly. Even as small amount of chocolate can be fatal for puppies.

Do not give coffee or any tea as liquid to your pet dogs. Such type of food and beverages can cause food poisoning to animals. You know that dogs are experiencing food poisoning when they appear excited or nervous and having seizures and muscle spasms. At the slightest manifestation of such signs and symptoms, it is imperative to bring your pet dog to the veterinarian.

What are the best foods for our pet dog? Dogs are carnivorous; therefore they need to have protein in their diet, which they can get from meat. Of course, dogs also need regular intake of vitamins, minerals and fats. Do not forget to provide its constant supply of water. Have a pan full of water for your pet dog to drink whenever it is thirsty.

If you are busy to prepare food for your dog, there are quality pet foods that are available in groceries and pet stores. The good ones have premium amounts of carbohydrates and proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. There are pet food products that have higher protein content, usually from beef and chicken; these are the best for the more active dogs.