Pet Dogs and Chocolates Just Don’t Mix

I do think it is a sorry thing that dogs can’t have chocolates because it’s just bad news for their health. I cannot understand why a harmless, even so deliciously tasting sweet thing such as the chocolate can be lethal to our pet dogs. What’s good for the master is also good for the pets, right?
What’s with chocolate and dogs need to hate it? Well, blame everything on an ingredient of chocolate called theobromine. Actually it is a stimulant present in cocoa beans, which is the main ingredient for making chocolate.

What really is the effect of theobromine on dogs? It varies on the amount of theobromine that your dog has taken in. If your pet dog has ingested a great amount of chocolate, it could lead to death. Fewer amounts can cause muscle tremor and other complications on the animal’s nervous system.

How do you know your dog is experiencing chocolate poisoning? Here are symptoms and signs to know if your pet dog is poisoned by chocolates. Toxic levels of theobromine will initially cause the dog to vomit and become hyperactive. Eventually, the toxicity becomes fully absorbed and will lead to the dog experiencing seizures, coma and finally death.

So, now we know the need to be more careful about keeping our chocolates away from our pet dogs’ reach. And if our dog has ingested chocolates, do not wait until symptoms manifest. It is best if you can bring it to the veterinarian for the administration of appropriate pet medication.