Patience on Your Pet Cat’s Bad Habits

While you love your pet cat to death, you still hate its seeming stubbornness and indifference to all the attention that you shower it and – its habit of scratching the furniture and even you, as well as the crazy odor of its urine

You do not attempt to hit or scream at it? Good, because this won’t do any good. It is best that despite your pet cat’s shortcomings, you still maintain a great relationship with it. Finding the appropriate way of disciplining it, san the violence, will definitely help in mending your cat’s way, making it give up its bad habits that actually makes you crazy.

For example, you might have considered de-clawing him because of his incessant scratching anywhere he likes – even on your legs and feet. Don’t! De-clawing has many bad effects on your pet cat, putting him permanently on distress, discomfort and pain.

Normally, cats scratch and claw but this can really cause discomfort on them so overtime they will have to discontinue doing it. Tolerance and patience, rather than cruelty on your cat because of its peculiar ways will certain bear positive fruits. Of course you will have to impose discipline but not one that will physically hurt your pet.

Remember, causing your cat pain will only make him avoid you more, and so the existing problems will not be solved. Like with scratching, you can try trimming your cat’s claw. This is certainly the humane alternative to de-clawing it. When trimming the claws, make sure it is relaxed for it to be more receptive to the process. Over time, he will get used to it and eventually accepting the trimming of its claw as a regular routine.

If your pet urinates just about anywhere in your house, this can be a real problem. But it is something that cannot be solved. Repellents are great way of making it avoid places where it usually wants to pee. Soon enough, it will go to the designated peeing places of your house such as one corner of the backyard.

Again, it is best that you exercise tolerance and patience when it comes to you cat’s bad habits. Do perform positive actions such as humane methods of disciplining your pet cat and avoid unnecessary show of ugly reactions to its mistakes such as shouting and even physical hitting. Soon enough, it will change for the better and both you and your cat will continue have a harmonious pet-master relationship.