On Giving Your Cat Some Pet Training

I am sure you would love even some bit of affection from your cat, but as it is, the least that most of them can do is be indifferent to all the attention that we shower it, the worst being an unbelievable scratch. So, it can really be frustrating to deal with our pet cats.

What’s the best way to tame our cats? Can it respond to obedience trainings as effectively as how dogs do to them? Definitely, cats are more complicated to teach than dogs. It is best that initially you send them to obedience schools for cats. They are the best and most equipped in taming even the wildest feral that you have.

When you try training your pet cat yourself, minimize physical punishments as this method can do more harm than good to your pet. Instead of taming it down, your cat might even distance itself away further away from you, and that would certainly be more frustrating.

Why avoid imposing punishment? Do not compare cats with us humans. They will most certainly not get it that the punishment is the result of its misbehavior. I do not approve of physical pain being afflicted on animals as this is against their rights. But there are those who still adhere to this practice. Many trainers and cat owners believe that punishments during training can be effective when the cat did something wrong, but he should be punished immediately after the misdeed. It must not be delayed otherwise the cat will not understand what the punishment is for.

Again, punishment is an obsolete and inhumane way and must not be incorporated with cat training. Definitely, there are other ways of training your cats such as the reward system. Your pet will recognize that his behavior is approved and appreciated if you give it some sort of reward such as in the form of food or physical reaction from you such as patting or praises.