Meet Lola, our newest fur family member

We are still mourning the loss of Fritzy, but decided we were ready to give another little kitty a chance at a happy life. So last week, we went to our local humane society and adopted Lola, a 1 year old brown tiger cat who was found as a stray.

On their website, it shows that on any given day, they have approximately 100 cats up for adoption. I had 4 or 5 likely candidates I was interested in, but that all went out the window as soon as we saw Lola, and she saw us. We had looked at about 60 or so cats, entered the 4th cat housing area and were checking out the cats on the right side of the room. From behind us, we heard a kitty calling out to us, climbing the cage and making her presence very well known. So we looked to see what all the noise was about, and it was love at first sight. We spent the next 20 minutes getting to know her, but could tell right away she was going to fit in well with our other pets. She was very affectionate and totally content with us, so we filled out the paperwork and set off for home.

I had planned to keep her in the basement for a while so that she could get used to a quite area, and learn where the litter boxes are before meeting her 2 cat and 2 dog sisters. But she had other ideas, and immediately wanted to go upstairs to see the others. Abby and Rosie were quite curious and receptive of her. Gidget hissed a couple of times, but soon got used to Lola, and Jackie (our 19 year old cat) slept through the whole thing. Lola seemed to settle in very quickly and everybody was getting along. The only problem was that she didn’t want to eat, but the papers we received said not to be alarmed for up to 2 days during the adjustment process.

However, on Sunday Lola started vomiting, and it continued for about 24 hours, and the only thing she would eat was a bit of tuna. On Monday, she drank some water, a bit more tuna, but wouldn’t touch the cat food. Our vet and the humane society vet said to give it some more time but watch her closely, so my husband bought the same food she had been fed at the humane society, hoping that was the problem. But it wasn’t. It turned out that she had an infection, most likely a result of her being spayed 2 days before her adoption. Meanwhile, I came down with the flu, so she and I had a miserable few days last week. She is taking an antibiotic, and has been making up for lost time eating. I on the other hand am still battling the flu, which I’m told can last 2 weeks.

You may not be aware how dangerous it can be for a cat to go without food or water for as little as 1 or 2 days, so I plan to post about my latest education on cat health problems later this week.