Manny gets a real name and home

Today we have an adoption story as told by Manny, a mancat who previously had the misfortune of some really bad names and shuffled from place to place. Luckily for him, Karen became aware of his situation and “cat-knapped” him. She and Gerard gave him a new name deserving of his male status, and he has settled in happily with them for good. Here is Manny’s story:

“My name has been changed now for the 4th time! It was Vamperian first given to my by a teenage boy, then Linda, then Foofee. I’m a male cat for crying out loud! Give me a strong, male name. When I was kicked out of my home because of allergies and a new baby who outranked me, a friend of my mom’s came to visit and the next day, kidnapped me on May 15, 2008.
I am now being kept in an upstairs room and now Karen and Gerard call me Manny. I guess that’s my new name but I kind of like it. The ride here wasn’t too bad. The carrier is nice and big and I can hide behind it really well! Ha, ha. I lost my appetite with all the commotion of moving here. I walked around the walls, there are four. I have a double bed I haven’t used yet next to the carrier and my old litter box and food dishes came with me so those are in there too.

During the night, I jumped up on the desk by the window. It’s a very nice view of the neighborhood. I like that too. Karen came in and read to me this morning so I let her brush me and pet me some. She seems very nice. It’s pretty quiet here, but now and then there are loud scary noises and yesterday I heard music. That was sort of nice. I don’t like the noises though. Karen brought me some newspaper this morning too along with a soft tent that has a mouse dangling in the doorway. I haven’t tried it out yet though.

I used my litter box two nights after my kidnapping. Karen seemed very pleased with that this morning. At least I am in control–I found that if I hiss at these people, they back off. I decided to start eating during the night. I know they never come in then so I won’t be interrupted. (here’s the URL for the video of when I first came and Gerard didn’t think it would work out