Know How to be Your Own Vet

With learning how to be your own vet, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in protecting your pet. There are some things that you can do at home to not only prevent a veterinarian’s visit, but to avoid one that is not really necessary if you are willing to do them yourself. Learning how to be your own vet means knowing that prevention is the key to your pets health and you can start with a healthy diet and clean environment, but when some problems do arise, there are some simple things you can do at home and, most of the time, it will be a lot more affordable than at your vet’s office. With the current economy it is hard to afford huge vet bills. However, there are more ways to make sure that your pet can get help with out a large bill. Herbal remedies are the earth’s natural way of healing ailments.

Humans and animals alike used herbs for thousands of years to aid in the healing process. So why not now? This is not to say veterinarians are not useful, but instead, there are circumstances in which it is not necessary to have a medical degree in order to help your well loved pet.

With knowing how to be your own vet, you will also learn that herbal remedies are just as good as any thing you would get from the vet and do not require a vet visit or prescription. Herbal remedies can help with everything from treatments for cancer to ear mites. Herbal remedies are also a safer alternative to harsh chemicals that can cause more diseases while it cures a specified illness, like arthritis. Keeping an eye on your pets feces and knowing what is normal and what is not for your pet is one important key to diagnosing a potential problem and treating it before it gets out of hand, while also keeping an eye on changes in behavior.

Knowing how to be your own vet you will be able to notice key signs if anything is out of the ordinary, such as, restlessness, lethargy, unwillingness to eat or drink, or the opposite and doing so excessively can be signs of illness. There are alternative methods to chemical medications and treatments that can be found in herbs that are safe. Now, with anything it is good to make sure you know what the proper doses are, you can find this out through books on herbal remedies.

Animals, sooner or later, will have a problem with internal parasites, but often the problem is already out of hand when they are noticed in your pets feces. A good preventative program can cover both skin and internal parasites and avoid potentially huge vet bills or even death of your dog or cat. If they do get worms, there are ways of treating them with herbal remedies at home and learning how to be your own vet can teach you these remedies. Diarrhea is one common thing that can be a sign of something very serious or just a problem with your pets diet. If you notice it, don’t ignore it, but instead watch to see if it corrects itself within a few hours or gets worse.

There are herbs that can balance the stomach and prevent stomach problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting. It is always good to be sure and keep your pet hydrated at this time. Furthermore, if you know how to be you own vet, your pet can live happier and healthier, without the large cost of vet bills.

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