Jackie’s rescue tail

This is my cat Jackie’s rescue tail. She was initially rescued from a cruelty situation where there were about 100 dogs and cats being held in cages in a small petshop. The person was well-intentioned, but the situation was out of control and she was unable to properly care for all the animals she had taken in. I remember seeing it on our local news at the time. The animals were taken into custody as evidence, and the Toledo Humane Society took over their care. None of them could be put up for adoption until the court case was settled, which took 8 months.

In March of 2000, my cat Kitty passed away. My dog Abby was then 2 years old and missed having a companion, so I went to the Toledo Humane Society to adopt a cat. The room was filled with cats in cages, but one stood out to me. All of them were meowing loudly and trying to get my attention, but Jackie (then known as “Sleepy” because that’s all she wanted to do) was very polite and ladylike in her cage. As I looked them all over, she very gently stuck her paw out and touched my hand, and I instantly knew she was the one. They thought she was approximately 1 year old, and after just recently dealing with the loss of Kitty, I thought oh good, she’ll be with me a long time. On the way home, she was adamant she didn’t want to go into the carrier, and I didn’t have the heart to force her after being stuck in one for 8 months. She climbed right up in my lap and slept all the way home. She got along well with Abby and adjusted quickly to our household.

I took her to my veterinarian for a check-up, and he felt she was older than 1 year, but couldn’t tell exactly. It turns out she was more like 11 years old, because the following year at her check-up, she was determined to have the beginnings of cataracts, which cats get around age 12. So now she is around 19 years old, but still doing pretty well, except that she can no longer hear much of anything except really loud noises. She is the gentlest of my 3 cats by far, but seems to have a knack for getting her own way. My rescued dog Rosie (pictured here with Jackie) wants to control my lap at all times, but when Jackie decides it’s her time, she just pushes her way in. Rosie will crinkle her nose and grouse about it, but Jackie doesn’t let any of that stop her. As each year passes, I know her time is getting near, and it makes me so sad to see her declining bit by bit. But on her last check-up, my vet said she was holding her own, and had actually regained some weight which was a good sign. 2 Years ago, it sounded like she was nearing the end, her organs were starting to fail, she had lost weight, and I also noticed she was missing her litter box quite often by just a few inches and her stool had gotten very small- signs of ill health. So this year’s report was great news. I feel changing her food to an all natural formula this past year, and supplementing with raw food has improved her health and helped extend her life a little while longer. She also has stopped missing her litter box, her stool is back to normal appearance, and she is more active and playing with toys again. I only wish I had made these diet changes earlier in her life.

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