How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Getting a new puppy is a really exciting time for everyone and it’s really easy to just rush out and buy all new toys and fancy leads and so on for your puppy, but before you do that just take some time to puppy proof your home. It will not only keep your favourite items safe from tiny teeth but could also save your puppy’s life or at the very least avoid a huge vets bill.
Look at every room in your home that the puppy will be allowed and think about the potential hazards such as cables trailing temptingly on the floor. Perhaps you may want to keep certain rooms out of bounds to your puppy and keep the doors closed at all times. I know from experience how disheartening it is to come home and the cable to the computer has been chewed or your favourite shoes are just a pile of chewed leather!
Keep all cupboard doors or appliance doors firmly closed. Your puppy could easily pull things out of a cupboard or climb into a cupboard or even the washing machine and get stuck. It may seem impossible but when you puppy proof your home preventing even the slightest mishap could save his life.
Don’t leave any food or drink out where your puppy can get to it. A puppy will gorge until he makes himself literally sick or have diarrhoea. He may even eat something toxic to his system which could be fatal. In fact a puppy will eat almost anything including socks, small toys, objects that we wouldn’t think he could eat but a puppy can and will eat anything. Ask your vet how many times he has operated on a dog to remove a foreign object and you will surprised at the answer.
Ask a friend or relative to help you puppy proof your home so they can spot the things you may miss, if they have experience of having a puppy that’s even better! Keeping electrical wires and cables away from your puppy is common sense and don’t think a puppy can’t get to something, because they are strong and have sharp teeth that are capable of chewing doors, skirting boards and table legs-I have the proof in my dining room!
Curtains and blinds are attractive to puppies for some reason and I think it is the cords that are responsible. A puppy will chew on a cord or even pull it so that the curtains or blind end up on your floor. A puppy could even get tangled in a curtain cord and damage himself.
Basically, when you puppy proof your home you should remove all dangers from your puppy, which goes without saying. For everything else, if you don’t want an item chewed or weed on, or worse, put the item away so it is out of reach. The worst thing you can do is shout and yell at your puppy if you return home to find damage. You can puppy proof your home to a certain extent but all puppies chew and you have to expect some damage. All the work is worth it though, you will have a faithful friend who adores you and will provide years of love and companionship.