How To Care For Your Dogs Health

Caring for our dogs is a full time job and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. The care of your dogs health and well being is a task that should be taken seriously if you want a happy, content dog with a long life ahead of him. There are many factors of how to care for a dogs health right from the food he has up to the basic dog training he receives and routine health care
We should start with the food as this is the most basic of his needs. The first consideration is the food bowl. Ideally it should be stainless steel to make it easier to clean and keep free from germs, but also to stop your dog chewing his bowl. A dog that loves to chew items will have no trouble at all getting through a plastic food bowl which could cause a blockage or other damage to the dog, as well as vets bills! A steel bowl may not be fancy but it is hygienic and hardwearing.
The food itself should be a proprietary dog food with all the essential nutrients a dog needs to keep him healthy. Human food can make a dog ill, and even be poisonous in some cases. Coming home to a mess which needs cleaning up is best avoided for both you and your dog. If you want to treat him occasionally, ask your vet for advice.

There are alternative diets for dogs which are too lengthy to go into in this article but easy to find on the Internet. Feeding a puppy three or four times a day is easier for his digestion as well as making it easier for you to house train him. I have always found that a puppy that has played and has a full tummy and will settle better when left for a while. An adult dog can be fed once or twice a day but a small meal twice a day is a lot easier on the tummy.
Two walks a day if you can manage it has many benefits. The main benefit is to the dogs health, keeping him in shape and keeping his joints flexible. It is also a good way to build a bond between you, especially if you incorporate some training and games. Another benefit is that your dog will be more likely to settle after exercise which is great if you have to leave him.
Grooming is an essential part of caring for your dogs health. Not only does it keep his coat healthy and tangle free but will give you the chance to feel for any lumps and bumps that shouldn’t be there. Just as in humans, early detection of lumps can make diagnosis and treatment easier.
Treating your dog for fleas, ticks and worms is part of the daily care for your dogs health. Your vet will be able to recommend treatments which should be applied routinely to keep them free from discomfort.
There are many more aspects to caring for your dogs health which are too lengthy to write about here but the tips given above plus a daily dose of love and affection should go a long way to keeping him healthy.