How to Calm a Cat in Heat

If you have a female pet cat, expect that she will go in heat a few times a year. This is call the estrus cycle, and it happens at least three times a year for two weeks. While your cat experiences this, her behavior will be restless and agitated, since she wants to mate. It can be disturbing and a nuisance for you, so to help you out, here are some tips.

What You’ll Need:

Cat in heat
Cat toys

Calm The Cat

A cat in heat should not be left alone, but rather always have her master nearby. You need to be there with her to calm her down. The best and easiest way to calm down a kitty in heat is to give her extra attention. Brush her fur, pet and stroke her. Cuddle her until she’s had enough. Be very gentle, though, or you might just drive her away. Attention like this will satisfy her sensory stimulation cravings.

Distract Your Kitty

When a cat is in heat, all she’ll think about will be to find a male cat to mate with. You’ll also notice that she’ll have plenty of extra energy. It’s a great tactic to keep her busy, so she’ll have an outlet for all the energy she has. Give her new cat toys, those that will excite her. Try and play with her as much as possible.

Bring Her To The Vet

If the cat’s bothering you too much, try bringing her to the veterinarian. The vet can look her over and see what she can do to help your cat from having her estrus cycle. Oftentimes, vets inject cats with medications that prevent them from having the cycle. If you’re interested to breed your cat, this is an effective tactic.

Have Your Cat Spayed

If you really have no plans of breeding your cat, this is a good option. Spaying is the process of removing a cat’s reproductive organ, usually done by professional veterinarians. Spaying will permanently remove your cat’s ability to produce kitties, so think this thoroughly, before you make a decision. Spaying might also produce side effects, such as abnormal urination. Consult your veterinarian before having your cat undergo this procedure.

Mate Your Cat

If it becomes too unbearable already, maybe you can give your cat what she wants. Allow her to mate with a male. Successful mating shortens the cycle to only four days and prevents future cycles, while she’s gestating. After she gives birth, though, expect the cycle to begin again after one to six weeks.

Try The Q-Tip Technique

This is a procedure that many owners find helpful, but it can be awkward, and if it’s your first time to do this, you’ll feel squeamish. Its effective, although temporary. Here’s what to do.

Grab your cat and put her on your lap, her hind quarters readily accessible. Oftentimes. Cats freely offer them.

Carefully insert the Q-tip into her puffy and exposed vagina. Be ready for the cat’s screams. This can either be rectal pain or satisfaction. Try and distinguish between the two. You might need to experiment a little.

Gently move the Q-tip in her vagina, with an in-out motion. Do it slowly, then more rapidly. When the cat orgasms (she’ll moan, leap and “dance” in ecstasy), you’re done. The cat might run away with the Q-tip still sticking out. Take it out after a few minutes.

Repeat this until the cat experiences the cycle again.

Some Tips

Identify the signs of a cat in heat: She’ll be agitated, rubbing and rolling on the floor, being overly affectionate and doing hind-leg treading motions. Many cats also raise their hind ends and hold their tails to the side.

Your cat might not use the litter box and will spread her urine all over the house.

Be careful when allowing your cat to mate. Unsuccessful mating results in longer, more frequent cycles.

A cat in heat needs your love and attention, so make sure you help her cope through these periods. Try any of these tactics, and this won’t be a problem anymore.