How to Buy Cockroaches

Some people are fascinated with cockroaches and even consider them as pets. If you are interested in buying pet cockroaches here are some steps on how to buy:

Where to Buy them

Consider the following when you’re looking for pet cockroaches:

Classified ads
Online stores
Exotic pet stores
Referrals from other collectors
What to Get Before You Buy
You should get the following items before you buy cockroaches:
Glass or plastic container with lid
Food such as crumbs, pet food>, wax, left over food.


Research – Before getting yourself a pet cockroach it is very important that you keep yourself informed about this insect. There are some insects that grow very big, unlike other species. Make sure that you get the species that are not considered as pests. By researching the right species of cockroach you are going to buy, you can prevent certain allergies. This can also help you in preparing for the right housing and feeding of insects.

Housing – Getting your pet bug a nice house is as important as feeding it. You can buy a big glass like an aquarium. A plastic container will also do. To keep them from flying, you can put a lid on the glass or plastic. Just make sure that you keep it ventilated and provide them with the right humidity and temperature.

Search for pet stores – To buy a pet cockroach you can contact your local pet store that specializes in insects. If you want, you can check for online pet bug stores that sell cockroaches. It will help if you get in touch with people who have kept such pets. Asking the pet store on tips on how to take care of your pet cockroach will surely help you in maintaining them and keeping them in good condition.

Buy it now – You can make use of referrals from pet stores to get to know people who have owned pet cockroaches. Classified ads are also a good way to search and buy exotic insects. Look for registered pet stores just to make sure you are dealing with legal suppliers.

Ask for shipping detail – Lastly, you can ask the pet store if there is a warranty that may go along with your purchase. If you are ordering online, ask for shipping details and make sure that your purchase is sent well packaged.
Only less than 1 percent of their population are actually considered as pests. The remaining species are mostly considered as harmless members of their kind. That is why some people regard these tiny creatures as house pets. Before you consider having a cockroach as your pet, you have to know the steps on how to get one and what materials you need to get them.