How Kelsey Ann found her furrever home

This weekend is very special to me. 7 years ago this weekend, I came to live with my mom and dad. Mom had always wanted a husky but couldn’t get one until she moved out on her own. As soon as mom and dad knew they were getting a place to live they started browsing the internet to look for huskies. The first website they came to was MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue. Mom was a husky novice and thought the color of the husky was important (in my opinion it still is….hehehehe) and she always wanted a red and white husky. Well, what they saw was my picture and story.
The next thing they did was to fill out the adoption application. MaPaw was very thorough and careful and checked their references well since mom had never owned a dog before. Once their application was approved it was time for them to come and visit MaPaw. I was in rescue when MaPaw was still so small that they didn’t even have foster homes yet and all the foster doggies were at Ma and Pa’s house.

Mom and Dad scheduled a visit to see they doggies, and as soon as they came into the house and sat on the floor to greet us doggies, I walked up behind mom and put my paws on her back. SHE WAS MINE! Mom and Dad started visiting me almost every weekend since they would not move into their place until the beginning of January. I had to wait about 6 weeks until Ma and Pa could take me to my furever home.

Click here to read Kelsey Ann’s entire rescue tail:

Kelsey, together with fur companions Sky and Canyon, writes a very cute blog entitled The Kapp Pack , about “the daily antics of 2 huskies and a huskador in central Pennsylvania. Their blog contains many adorable pictures and stories, and the family is very involved in the rescue effort through helping find homes for foster dogs, fostering 3 huskies themselves, and transporting rescued dogs, among other work for the MaPaw rescue group. I encourage everyone to check out their blog if you haven’t already.