Heartgard Plus For Dogs

One of the most widely used pet medicines of utmost importance is Heartgard Plus for Dogs. Why is this med so important? Heartworm disease is a potentially life-threatening parasitic infection that is preventable. While heartworm disease can cause severe suffering and even death, it doesn’t have to occur in the first place thanks to products like this one.


Heartworms are actually transmitted by mosquitoes, prevalent insects in many parts of the country. If a puppy or dog does become infected, treatment can be very costly and may not even save your pet’s life. This is why it is absolutely imperative your puppy or dog be protected from this disease by a fine quality product like this one. Not only does Heartgard prevent heartworms, it also controls and treats infestations of roundworms and hookworms.

Heartguard Plus Dogs is palatable for your dog as it is made with real beef and easily chewed by puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Many dogs actually look forward to their monthly heartworm pill and gobble it down no sooner than the package is opened. This product has been found to be well tolerated by puppies and dogs of all kinds. However before giving your pet this product you must have them tested for heartworm disease.

After your vet has performed the test and given your pet the all-clear, you are ready to treat them with Heartguard. You must obtain a prescription from your veterinarian for the specific Heartgard product your dog needs based on age and weight. While you can purchase the product from your vet you can also buy online from a variety of top vendors like Drs. Foster and Smith and 1800PetMeds just to name two. These companies will verify your pet’s prescription before fulfilling your order.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs is made by the Merial company, who offers handy email reminders via their official website. If you are someone who forgets to administer the monthly heartworm tablet to your dog the site can actually send you email reminders so your dog will never miss a dose. One thing is for sure, dog owners can rest easy knowing their pooch is protected by Heartgard. If you have any questions about this product, contact the Merial company or ask your veterinarian.