Gidget’s adoption story

I first saw Gidget while at my vet’s office with my oldest cat Jackie. I struck up a conversation with the woman who brought Gidget in, and learned that she was 8 months old and had been found living in a dumpster not far from our home. Some boys had been seen throwing rocks at her. When brought to the humane society, she was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection, and part of her ear was missing, most likely caused by frostbite. Gidget was brought to my vet to be spayed as he donates his services to the area humane society.
I was not looking to adopt another cat, as I had Abby and Jackie at the time. But I couldn’t get Gidget out of my mind all weekend, as the woman had said they worried she wouldn’t get adopted because of her ear, and the humane society was severely overcrowded. The prospects for Gidget did not sound good. After thinking about it for 2 days, I ended up tracking the woman down who was fostering her in her home, and made arrangements to adopt her on April Fools Day, 2001.
When I brought her home, she bonded with us immediately. She was still being treated for the stubborn upper respiratory infection, and I didn’t want to keep her in the cold basement that first night. So I slept on the couch and held her, keeping her covered up and she snuggled up to me like she had always been with us. This surprised me since she was considered a feral cat.
Looking back, I think those early months living on her own did some damage to her nervous system, because she is still quite fidgety and nervous at times, and doesn’t like to be held for very long. She will bolt and hide at the slightest sound until she’s sure everything is as it should be. But from the beginning, I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate and loving cat. When it’s her idea, she will lay on me with her paws wrapped around my neck for hours if I sit there long enough. And she is the most vocal cat I’ve ever had, making her wishes well known. Her nickname is “Squawker” since she will sit on the kitchen windowsill, yapping at us, and won’t let up until she gets what she wants. She is still full of energy and loves to play, and she really seemed to mourn the loss of Fritz when he died suddenly. She was the reason we decided to get Lola, so she would have another young cat to play with. Gidget wasn’t too sure about this newcomer at first, but they are slowly forming their own relationship and starting to play together. She has been a wonderful addition to our household.