Frontline Pet Meds


If you’re seeking a quality brand of medicine for your cat or dog look no further than Frontline pet meds. Frontline is made by the Merial company and is one of the most recognizable brands on the market today. They produce a wide variety of products suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. In this article you will learn more about some of the top Frontline products and how they can help your pet. Fleas are more than just a nuisance, they are a health hazard for both your pet and your family. Read on to discover products that can eliminate the problem and protect against future invasions.


Frontline Top Spot was released in 1997 and is a topical product placed on the neck of your pet. This product is ideal for pet owners who want flea and tick prevention and elimination that is long lasting and acts in a hurry. This product also helps control dermatitis due to flea allergy. Top Spot comes in varieties for cats and dogs and is approved for pets ages 8 weeks and up. The dose your pet will need depends on their age and weight range. If you want a newer, even more innovative product you may want to take a look at Frontline Plus.

Frontline Plus is also approved for kittens and puppies 8 weeks of age and older. This product kills as many as 100 percent of current fleas in under 24 hours. Flea prevention lasts for a minimum of one month and the product stays waterproof on your pet for 30 days. Like Top Spot, Frontline Plus is applied to the neck area of your pet. Open the package, part the fur on the back of your dog or cat’s neck and gently squeeze the liquid inside the opened package onto your pet’s exposed skin. That’s all there is to it, no need to rub the medicine in or even brush your pet afterwards.

Another product made by Frontline Pet Meds is the spray version of their flea killing product. The spray is recommended for multiple pet households and severe infestations. Often your vet will use the spray in office if your pet has a bad infestation then maintain the results with one of the topical once-a-month products. You can visit the official Frontline website for money saving coupons, frequently asked questions and more information about each product profiled here.