Flea Tick Medicine

Do you want to rid your pet, and your home, of fleas and ticks for good? If so then you need a leading brand prescribed by your veterinarian because the unfortunate truth is that many store bought brands just don’t measure up. Some examples of top vet prescribed flea and tick medications include Frontline, Revolution and Advantage. These products are available for both dogs and cats, and are dispensed according to species and weight of your pet.These products are topically applied to the back of your pet’s neck and provide month-long protection against fleas, ticks and larvae. For the health and safety of your pet you do not want to use cat medicine on a dog or dog medicine on a cat. Also, getting the proper dose for the age and weight of your pet is crucial. For these reasons and others prescription medication is highly recommended over store bought brands. Mistakes can be made when choosing an over the counter flea treatment and the last thing you want to do is take chances with your pet’s health.

Your vet will examine your pet and see exactly what product suits their needs. While you are getting flea treatment for your cat or dog you should also inquire about heartworm protection as well. After your vet has examined your pet you will get a prescription for the right flea preventative and treatment that can be filled right there or online with a company like 1800PetMeds or Pet Care RX. If you have other supplies to buy these online stores might be a frugal choice as they offer discounts to customers who spend a certain dollar amount.

When buying your pet’s flea tick remedy online, don’t worry about the safety of doing so because these companies verify the prescription with your veterinarian. The products are exactly the same as what you get from the vet and are guaranteed to be in date and not expired or even close to expiration. You’ll find the topical flea and tick medicines are available in single doses or packs of 6 or 12 for your convenience. Many come with money back satisfaction guarantees so there is no risk to the consumer. As far as side effects go, prescription flea treatments are usually well tolerated when administered properly.