Flea Medicine Dogs

The problem of fleas is one that will only get worse without the proper treatment. These undesirable insects breed so rapidly that your pet and your home can be infested within days. When selecting flea medicine dogs need to get rid of these itchy pests, go to your veterinarian first. While it’s tempting to try a flea shampoo you find at a pet store or supermarket it’s likely this will only serve as a temporary solution to the problem. What you need is a product that continues working even after it is applied.

The solution may lie in a topical prescription treatment such as Frontline or Advantage. These products are prescribed according to species, age and weight. Frontline, for example, is color coded for easy prescribing. One of the most widely used is the Frontline green which is for dogs between 26 and 50 pounds. However there are topical products from Frontline and others for dogs as small as one pound and as large as one hundred pounds. No matter what size your dog is, there is a flea and tick product ideal for them.

A visit to the vet is the first thing you’ll need to do in order to get rid of fleas. The vet will examine your pet and see how bad the infestation is. If your pet has a severe case, they may be treated with a spray in the office and sent home with monthly topical flea treatments. While the medicines your vet may prescribe are more expensive than the products you’ll find in the stores, they are often more effective as well. Remember, if the product you choose does not kill all the fleas and ticks that jump on your pet they may infest your home and multiply.

If you aren’t interested in buying flea medicine dogs need from your vet, consider getting the prescription from your vet and shopping online. At stores like Drs. Foster & Smith, 1800PetMeds and Pet Care RX to name just a few you’ll find pet pharmacy products and pet supplies at great prices. These stores sell not only flea medications but heartworm preventative, skin and coat treatments, supplements and much more. They often have free shipping and discount deals for customers who spend a certain amount of money.