Feeding Your Dog A Healthy Diet

One of the most important aspects of dog care is feeding your dog the most healthy diet you can in order to keep him fit and healthy, happily living to a ripe old age. This is not always easy with the vast array of commercial foods on offer, all promising the finest ingredients for your pet.

Your dogs food could affect his health and the length and quality of his life so it is important to select the best ingredients available when feeding your dog.

You can’t always rely on price as a guide either, as I have found out to my cost. I have previously bought cheap brands of food and a well known brand that costs a lot more money, only to find that the ingredients were more or less the same.
I have found an article which will shock you when you realise just what may be going into the food you are feeding your dog. Many branded dog foods may be using only the best ingredients, but it is possible for a company to stay within the legal guidelines but still be using ingredients which are not acceptable to the majority of dog lovers. I found the report shocking and above all, it made me look at the food I am feeding my dogs a lot more closely.
As our dogs age, we try to give the best care we can to look after our pets and make sure they live as long as they can with a healthy life. Feeding your dog is a routine chore which we take for granted but maybe we should look a little closer at the ingredients on the packaging. Are the companies we trust just out to make money from us? The people who have written the report about the food we are feeding our dogs have also got an ebook with recipes which are healthy and will help you to keep your dog at his optimum weight and health. I have tried one of the recipes and it was easy to make, with both my dogs wolfing it down!
I don’t know about you but I try to eat an organic diet where possible, and when I can afford it! I wouldn’t dream of eating anything which could harm my body and try to avoid anything which contains hormones or artificial ingredients as I believe they may have an affect on your long term health. This is my opinion, so why would I feed my dog anything different?
There are many alternative methods of feeding your dog for you to try, but I would encourage you to look carefully at the ingredients in any dogs food you buy and make sure that the contents are going to aid your dogs health as well be ethical. I encourage you to read the report and make your own mind up. You may also find the calorie counter on my website useful if your dog is a little overweight after Christmas. The free report can be found here.