Dog Medicine

One of the most popular pets to own is a dog. For years, dogs have been looked at as man’s best friend. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is one of the most important roles you can have for your pet. Like with all care, there are specific steps you can take to keep your pet healthy. Along with proper diet and exercise, dog medicine is one of these ways that is necessary for keeping your dog healthy. There are several different types of dog medicine. Dog medicine can come in many forms from herbal treatments to vaccines and “conventional” medications produced with chemicals to ensure that your dog does not get diseases and illnesses like the parvovirus or rabies among others, to just regular check-ups.

However, the vaccines only need to be administered every three years. This three year vaccine is better for your dog, because studies have shown that vaccines given yearly may actually cause cancer. Also there are certain NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory ), that have been known to cause vomiting and loss of appetite, also in serious cases, liver problems. It is important to always consult your vet on possible side effects of medications that they want to administer to your dog, that way you can make a judgment on if you would prefer other methods of treatment for your dog. Unfortunately, there are no dog medicines that do not have side effects, there are just some that have minor side effects and some that have major side effects. There are some medications that have bad side effects but have herbal remedies that can be used in there stead. There is a medication that is used for arthritis for dogs, that was actually a medication that was recalled for human use, due to a high mortality rate.

However, there is an herb called Devil’s Claw that, in the right doses, is a good remedy for arthritis. It is a traditional African herbal remedy that has received scientific proof that it works. Amazing enough, herbs can treat and cure just as much and just as good as any man-made dog medicine. In fact, they are proven and tested for results.

Furthermore, you now have the ability to choose what you want for your pet. There are many options for K-9 parents when it comes to choosing a non-invasive herbal treatment over a chemical compound.

The treatment options for dog medicine is largely based on medications that may or may not work. Most vets offer treatments that are even unnecessary. CAT scans and x-rays are useful for discovering whether your dog has a severe injury and determining just how severe the injury is. However, prescription pain medication made with chemicals is not necessary. Herbs such as cayenne, licorice, and St. John’s Wort are excellent pain relievers. Cayenne has a compound in it called capsaicin that can block pain and help circulation. Licorice is a great anti-inflammatory. St. John’s Wort can be applied topically as a salve or ingested as a tincture mixed with skullcap to reduce the pain from bruised or crushed nerve endings as well as bruised muscles and joints. These herbs can all be used as dog medicine at home and have little to no side effects.

Not all dog medicine has to be supplied by the vet, but it is a good idea to take your pet partner to a veterinarian clinic to get a better idea of what is wrong. The more you know about what is wrong with your dog, the easier it will be to make sure that they get the proper type of medication. However, always be aware of what will and will not harm your dog.

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