Dog Allergy Diet

This diet comes from the book of Dr Richard Pitcairn. The title of the book is Natural Health For Dogs & Cats. It is an excellent book and has a world of information in it. I have a copy of the third edition. If you are interested in the book, click on the link below.

4 cups Brown Rice

3 pounds (6 cups) raw lamb or mutton

2 1/2 TBSP. of Bone Meal *

2 TBSP. vegetable oil (such as corn, safflower, sunflower, evening primrose, borage oil)

Complete daily vitamin-mineral supplement formulated for dogs, made without yeast

Vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate powder (give 500 milligrams daily, less for the very small dog).


Bring 8 cups of filtered water or spring water to a boil. Meanwhile, trip any excess fat off the lamb or mutton (if you wish to have a lower fat diet); chop or grind the meat. When rice is done (indicated by tender, firm grains), thoroughly mix all ingredients except the daily supplement and the vitamin C. Add these at the time of feeding.

Recipe is approximately 27% protein, 24% fat, and 47% carbohydrates. The amount of calcium provided by the bone meal equals just over 1 gram (1100 mg).

Substitutes: Instead of rice, you may use 4 cups of millet (cooked for 20 to 30 minutes with 12 cups water) or 8 cups of dry oats (cooked for 10 minutes with 14 to 16 cups water). Cooked grains should be soft and mushy. For an even higher protein feed, you may reduce the amount of grain to 3 cups dry rice or millet (or 6 cups oats).

Yield: Produces 5,600 calories, enough to feed a small dog for 7-9 days, a medium dog for 3-4 days, or a large dog for a couple of days. Freeze any of this food that can’t be eaten in 3 days.

* Bone Meal–You want to find bone meal with 1,500 mg of Calcium and 750 mg Phosphorus (made by KAL, Inc.) or find it made with 1,369 mg Calcium and 684 mg Phosphorus (made by Solid Gold).