Classification of the Best Swimming Pool Filters

A swimming pool is always going to one of the best place to spend hours, particularly in the hot summer days. However, for people who fortunately have a pool in their residence to relax should ensure that proper care is taken of it both in terms of safety as well as swimming pool maintenance. One of the key pieces of instrument that the owners should definitely have installed in their pools is that of the swimming pool filters.

A filtration system is always counted  as one of the key certainties based on the fact that filtration systems plays a leading role keeping the water bodies free from germs, bacteria and other impurities that can possibly lead to health related issues. Filtration systems vary in terms of the mode of functioning based on the shape and size of the water bodies and whether the same is in ground or above ground level.

There are many such filters available in the markets nowadays to choose from but counting only the broader domains, they can be classified into three major types namely Sand, Earth and Mesh Fabric. The Earth filters, also known as DE filters is available in the form of a fine powder and works after filtering or spilling through the soil layers.

On the other hand, the Sand based ones have a layer of fine sand that allows water to sip through but blocks any small particle that comes in the way. This way, it helps in effective filtering of water by removing impurities.

Finally, the Mesh fiber filters functions in a similar manner as compared to their DE counterparts with only one small exception that unlike DE, it does not work on any other surface apart from mesh fabric.

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