Canada Pet Meds

Both Canadians and Americans may benefit from Canada pet meds. It may be more affordable to shop for certain medications in Canada than in the United States. Rather than having to travel across the border you can simply get on the Internet and find the medicine you need for your cat or dog. There are actually websites like Canada Vet that service both Canada and the United States at Canadian prices. This can help you save on the price of pet meds that you need to keep your pet healthy.
Canada Vet has both an online store and a toll free number through which you can place your order. The products sold by this company have long expiry dates and are guaranteed to be fresh. They are authentic products by top name brands you are sure to recognize. However because the products are sold from outside the United States they are available for a lower price. One thing you should know is the customer service you will receive is top notch as Canada Vet has fully licensed and practicing veterinary surgeons who examine all products for quality and safety before they are sold.

For dogs, many of the top sellers include Frontline, Advantage for Dogs and Heartgard Plus. These are the same flea and tick prevention medications sold by your vet. You’ll also find heartworm medications, products for eye and ear health, vitamins and more. For cats you will also find top brands of flea and tick medications, as well as vitamins, hairball prevention remedies and much more. The Canada Vet online store also carries pet supplies such as collars, leashes, shampoos, conditioners, clippers and more.

When buying Canada pet meds, make sure the company you buy from offers a money back guarantee. Canada Vet is an online store who does offer a refund if you are not satisfied with your order. There are a variety of other notable sellers online who offer Canadian medications for cats and dogs. Canada Pet Choice and Universal Pet Meds are two of the many online stores you might also want to consider. Whether you purchase medicine from the United States or Canada, make sure you have your pet’s prescription because it is important to get the exact medicine needed. Some pharmacies will not fulfill a prescription order without verifying it with your veterinarian first.