Bridal Hair Pins

wedding-hair-accessories-1-300x300The best types of bridal hair pins are those that highlight your hair and yet perform their function correctly. While their main purpose is to keep the hair in place, they also enhance the wedding ensemble. Although you alone have to decide what to buy, here are some suggestions that can assist when deciding what to purchase.

Buy the Wedding First

The hair pins are meant to complement the style of your wedding dress. If you buy the pins first, you’ll end up looking for a dress that will match the pins; it should be the other way around. This is true not just for the pins but also any other bridal accessories. The wedding gown should always come first.

Trying Out Different Pins

Bridal hair pins can be worn with various other accessories, or they can be worn alone. The look of the pins will be influenced by the other accessories. Try wearing different pins with and without trimmings. This is the best way to determine which style suits your wedding gown.


Needless to say there are many hair pins available. Some pins have flower themes or made of silk. There are also some with crystals, pearls, rhinestones and various assorted gems. There are also some colorful pins available. They come in varying sizes and designs too.

You may be tempted to buy and wear as many as possible. However, always remember the rule: The pins are meant to complement your dress, so choose those that match.

Remember that your hairstyle affects the look of the pin. Use pins that will complement your hair and wedding makeup Sydney and not appear as a distraction. Generally, hair pins come in classic or contemporary styles. The latter has more colors and varied shapes, while the former is simpler. The choice will depend on your wedding theme.

Tips and Hints

For a classic wedding look, consider using an heirloom pin. Once you decide on a particular hairpin, choose similar types for bridesmaids. This will provide a consistent look.

It’s okay to try different styles. But make sure those pins complement the ones being worn by the bride. Of course the hair pins and accessories worn by the bride must not be surpassed by those worn by the other wedding participants.

Bridal hair pins are preferred by many because they can be used even after the event. Not only are they attractive, but they are also a sound purchase.