And Pet Medications

If you are like many pet owners, your cat or dog is a member of the family. Therefore you want only the best for your pet, however the best can be expensive. There are some shopping tips for pet supplies and pet medications that can help you get what you need for your pet without spending a fortune. Some of the most commonly purchased items, both prescription and non-prescription, include pet food, pet supplements, flea and tick medications, heartworm protection medications, deworming treatments and products for skin and coat.


The first way to save money on the cost of the things you buy your pet is by shopping online. There are all kinds of online catalogs and stores that sell everything you could possibly need for your furry friend. They even have pharmacy departments where you can have your pet’s medicine filled. Any legitimate store is going to need a prescription or need to speak with your vet before dispensing prescription drugs for your pet. Those drugs, at least from stores like 1800-Pet-Meds, Drs. Foster and Smith and Pet Care RX are approved by the FDA and EPA and dated for freshness.

The reason shopping online can save you money is because many online stores have a lot less overhead than your local pet store or even your vet’s office does. Also they want you to buy from them, so many offer special discounts and deals. For example 1800-Pet-Meds will give you $5 off any order over $100 and free shipping for any order over $39. The more you spend, the more you can save as the discounts increase as the dollar amount in your shopping cart does.


Another way you can save on the things you need for your pet is by shopping with coupons. When shopping online search for coupon codes before making a purchase. If you’re shopping in a store you may also want to look online, for printable coupons that can be used in-store. Often the Sunday edition of the newspaper has lots of coupons for local stores. If you are looking to save on pet supplies and pet medications you buy from the vet, ask them if they can provide coupons or contact the manufacturer of the product directly and ask, often they can help you save.