Advice For Buying Pet Water Fountain

For us and our pets health, drink enough water is essential. Because pets are our life partner, and we hope that they will be able to stay healthy in the next few years.

Make sure they are constantly getting fresh clean water to ensure their health. Of course, you can just put down a bowl of water for your pet, but that has its shortcomings. A bowl of water as time goes by, you also have to deal with pet hair and dirt into the water dish.

A good way to solve that problem is to get a pet drinking fountain. And now, Please following my introduce of many kinds of pet drinking fountain.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Platinum system works exactly the way it’s supposed to work.
Design cycle of water, this is to keep water fresh, and encourage your cat to drink more.

This is a good design, sturdily built products. Once you assemble it, it will continue to work, and your cat will benefit from clean water supplies.

The most important is that you need to clean it regularly. Depending on the temperature, bacteria, fungal spores, the food your cat drops into the fountain, you may need a week of clean-up.

Less significantly, the filters are quite expensive. You have to replace the filter every third cleaning or so; again, the replacement frequency depends on how much gunk goes into the water.

Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Assembly: Easy. Just follow the instructions and make sure you thoroughly rinse the carbon filter before putting it in the fountain.

Cleaning: Cleaning is easy. The most difficult part is just getting any stray particles of things that have wandered into tight corners. Bunching up a paper towel works well

Usage: Perfect! When you fill the initial tub and reservoir, it needs almost a minute just about for the water to begin flowing down the ramp. This is because the pumps have to put plenty water into the upper right chamber (where the filter is – not the blue chamber) to fill it and have it exhaust the ramp. During this time you are able to hear the pump, but once it starts flowing, the pump becomes extremely quiet.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

The pros are that if your cat likes to drink from a faucet then your he will go crazy for the Drinkwell Fountain. It is also healthier for the cat because the water falling into the bowl helps to keep the water oxiginated.

The cons are that if your cat doesn’t like to drink out of the faucet then they may not like the splashing water. Yes, you are able to adjust the flow but even with it on low my cat was getting splashed in the face when he tried to drink from the bowl.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

It’s magnetic and flexible, offering five possible flow configurations. Great if you have more than one cat who don’t like to share the stream, or if you’re seeking a more decorative than utilitarian application.

The weakness in this (and every other pet fountain I’ve seen) is in the pump and filter system. The pumps are woefully underpowered and the filters become clogged within hours of set-up. The pumps provided are hardly up to 24/7 operation, and the impellers fall apart fast. They are also tiny, so even if you don’t use the “flavor filter” the pump itself will clog quickly, requiring the entire unit to be torn down and cleaned pretty much daily or at the least every other day.